Dear friends,


In the name of all horses in need, I would like to express my deepest thanks for your support.


These horses depend on us to lay witness to their suffering and to speak up for them. For their sake, we take action because we know many of them suffer confined in a stall, tied-up, abandoned, neglected or starving.


I would like to sincerely thank the volunteers, members, affiliates, sponsors and all our foster homes in Québec that help us improve the lot of some horses and that work to change mentalities regarding equine welfare.


Great thanks goes to Québec à Cheval and the Fédération équestre du Québec as well for the visibility they give us and for their training programs that encourage safety and proper equine care, and for regulating equestrian practices.


From the bottom of my heart and for the love of horses, thank you.


Chamie Angie Cadorette

Founder of Refuge de Galahad and certified Equine Canada Coach












Galahad’s Mission
  • To find a new home for neglected or abandoned horses or for horses whose owners can no longer support them, for various reasons.

  • To offer a unique network of equine foster homes in order to give refuge to horses – temporarily or permanently – and to reduce the number of horses put down or sent to slaughter.

  • To promote the safety and welfare of horses in Québec by conducting inspections and educational and informational activities.

  • To intervene – upon complaints – in order to discuss with the party in dispute and to propose solutions, and to report uncooperative cases to the concerned authorities.


Becoming a member



Join our association that endeavours to change mentalities concerning equine welfare. It’s a great way to commit to helping horses in need.


By purchasing a membership with the Refuge, you will have access to a number of discounts and free educational activities offered by our affiliates.


Services for our members
  • Discounts and free access to all the Refuge’s educational activities and awareness programs;

  • Discounts in participating equestrian stores and on certain professional services;

  • Free posting on our website to find a new home for your horse within our unique approved foster home network;

  • Consulting services with certified Equine Canada coaches;

  • Opportunities to take part in the association’s activities – such as equestrian performances, stable visits, training clinics – for free.


The membership card is now $25.00 for a two-year period. The sales of these cards help fund our equine welfare awareness programs and continue to accomplish our mission.


Participating equestrian stores and service providers.


To become a member, please fill in this form.


Get involved!

There are many ways you can help horses. You can sponsor a horse; make a donation; volunteer; report uncooperative cases of neglect or cruelty.


For riders that do not wish to become a member of our association, you can make a difference too. Your horses, after many years of loyal service, deserve a happy retirement. Slaughter, auctions, resellers are the easy ways out. Don’t forget that committing to owning a horse is also preparing for its retirement.


To make an donation online, click here.


Our e-shop offers Galahad products to raise funds for our activities and to support our mission: www.eboutiquegalahad.com


In the name of the horses, thank you.

The Refuge de Galahad team


Horses for adoption

The Refuge is not responsible for the condition of the horses posted on this site nor for the information given on their profiles. We suggest having a veterinarian check the horse prior to adoption to determine its condition. Should you have doubts about behavioural issues, we also suggest evaluation by a reputable trainer.


If you are interested in adopting a horse posted on this site or would like more information, please contact the owner directly through the e-mail address given on the profile.


NOTICE: A Galahad adoption contract is mandatory for any horse adopted through this website. If an owner asks for money, please advise us. All horses on this site are up for adoption only, with no health guarantee. It is impossible for us to follow-up on horses that do not go to approved Refuge de Galahad homes. If you choose a non-approved home, you have the responsibility to make sure the contract is respected. Have the Galahad adoption contract signed, and keep it safe. If you have a complaint about a foster home, a donor or doubts about an adopter, please contact us.


For a list of horses available for adoption, please click on Chevaux en adoption


Galahad’s Refuges

We have a network of approved refuge/retirement facilities, unique in Quebec.  Our inspections and follow-ups at these adopting facilities reassure donors about their horse’s new home, and help raise awareness about equine welfare.


Each certified foster home has a plaque at their entrance authenticating that the services they offer are up to Refuge de Galahad standards. In addition, all approved foster homes that adopt a horse via our website will receive a First aid and Starter kit compliments of the Boucherville/Bromont or Quebec Greenhawk Harness and Equipment stores.


We are sorry about the delay for certain foster home inspections. Although we are a team of hard-working volunteers, we sometimes get behind in our visits for certain regions of Quebec. Thank you for your understanding.


To ask for an inspection visit, please click on Devenir un adoptant approuvé.


Giving your horse up for adoption

To find a new home for your horse, fill in the following form. You must offer the horse for adoption under contract to protect it from mistreatment, reselling, auctions or slaughter. It is forbidden – and frowned upon – to use this site to sell your horse. If you wish to ensure follow-ups by our Refuge de Galahad inspection agents, you MUST choose a foster home approved by the Refuge de Galahad and have the adoption contract signed. If not, you take the responsibility upon yourself to make sure the horse goes to an appropriate home. For more information, contact the Refuge at galahad@live.ca or fill in the donation form.


Click here for a list of horses available for adoption.


Click here to meet the members of our team.

















Reporting abuse

Have you ever noticed horses in inacceptable situations while out visiting a barn?

Contact us at: Galahad@live.ca or 438-882-3964

  • The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

  • The MAPAQ Animal health and meat inspection agency
    (phone : 1-800-463-5023)

  • The Sûreté du Québec


Un énorme merci à Marie-Hélène Gauthier pour cette traduction.

Devenez membre de Galahad et engagez-vous dans notre lutte contre la négligence envers les chevaux!

© 2014 Le Refuge de Galahad

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