To be eligible to be an adopter with galahad you must follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1- requirments


-Meet the requirments from the equine code of conduct of canada 

-Meet the requirments of the associaton 

- Respect law b.3 1


Step 2

The mandatory Payment of 50$ to open your file here  Payez ici 

( this is tax deductible donation)


A payment of 100$ total will be required for the approval but the horse after this is completly free

50 here that opens your file 

50 to the agent during the phone interview and/or on site visit

- this includes a card authenticating your approval


* there are no adoption fees after

- a gift from greenhawk 

Available in bromont, blainville and boucherville

- access to a password protected page where you can view coordinates on available adoptable horses and horses that have been seized offered for 1 year after your accreditation.


* the cost for an adopter boarding at an already accredited barn is of 50$ and 50$ for a renewal under 2years

* the 50$ approval fee is notthembursable, if you get recommendations you have 6 months to meet thev recommendations or you will need to make another request.



Step 3

Devenez membre de Galahad et engagez-vous dans notre lutte contre la négligence envers les chevaux!

© 2014 Le Refuge de Galahad

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